Innovative Research


The Center for Music, Brain, and Society stands at the forefront of innovative research that explores the convergence of music and neuroscience. Dedicated to fostering comprehensive and impactful studies, we seek new methods to understand and harness the power of music for human development and well-being.

Our interdisciplinary focus

The center fosters interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty members and trainees with a focus on the following themes:

1. Music, Emotions and Feelings

We explore the intricate relationship between music and emotions. Our research focuses on how music is processed within the brain and nervous system, influencing emotions such as pleasure, sadness, and nostalgia. A significant aspect of this research is exploring music’s therapeutic potential, particularly in emotional well-being and mental health.

2. Music, Rhythm and Movement

This research theme is dedicated to understanding the processing of musical rhythm and its neurological underpinnings. We examine how rhythm interacts with motor behaviors and its potential therapeutic applications, especially in treating age-related conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

3. Music and Learning

We explore the effects of music training on various cognitive aspects like memory, attention, and learning processes throughout different stages of life. This project uses music as a unique tool to investigate and understand the brain’s capacity for plasticity and development.

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