Innovative Education

Shaping Music Science

The Center for Music, Brain, and Society at USC is dedicated to shaping the future of music science scholarship. Our training and educational programs cater to students from all academic stages, from undergraduate to postdoctoral levels.

Educational Initiatives:

CMBS is to committed to advancing the musical science research and serving students across all academic levels through our educational initiatives:

1. Undergraduate Focus

Our planned summer research fellowship program (summer 2025) is designed for undergraduate students both USC and non-USC students, and especially those from underrepresented communities in Los Angeles, offering them a chance to work closely with our faculty. This team-taught research program in music covers multiple disciplines like neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and computer science and is part of a broader effort to develop an undergraduate major or minor in music science, integrating courses from various disciplines.

2. Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

CMBS facilitates collaborative graduate training and joint mentoring to enhance interdisciplinary research skills for graduate and postdoctoral scholars. Regular speaker series and a seed pilot grant program are planned to support graduate and postdoctoral students in their research endeavors.

3. Music Therapy Degree Program

Recognizing the growing significance of music therapy in the health profession, we’re in the process of establishing a dedicated degree program in this field. Integrated with USC’s rich array of courses and clinical training opportunities, this program will offer practical internships and hands-on experience, particularly through USC-affiliated facilities.

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