All incoming transfer students and continuing students, U2 through graduation, are advised in their major department, also known as Departmental Advising. Students are assigned an advisor based on their declared major. In departments where there is more than one advisor, students will be assigned their advisor based on their last name.


The Humanities explore the human condition. It pertains to everything and anything derived from human creation such as art, literature, language, philosophy, and religion. The Humanities emphasize the development and mastery of critical thinking, analytical, and qualitative skills moreover than empirical methods utilized in the natural and social sciences

Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences seek to explain phenomena that occur in the biological, physical, and chemical realms of nature on Earth and in the universe.


Social Sciences

The Social Sciences explore human society, culture, and civilization. The Social Sciences are dedicated to the study of the social, cultural, political, environmental, and psychological relationships and impacts human groups have on one another. The Social Sciences emphasize both qualitative and quantitative methodology and skill sets.