Understand and Be Understood

To understand deeply, translations are not enough. You need to go to another level.

Study Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or one of our other, occasionally offered, languages.

The languages we offer are the core of our curriculum. There is no faster and more effective way to comprehend the Middle East than by learning to communicate with its peoples and to understand what they are saying in their own words.

Knowing a Middle Eastern language well makes it possible for you to conduct advanced research on the region. You can make discoveries that those who don’t know the language never can. And the avenues for research are endless.

Advanced language courses are upper-division and count as credits toward your major or minor in Middle East Studies. At this level, even more than at the elementary levels, you are getting much more than language instruction. These courses include in-depth cultural information that you can’t learn otherwise.

It’s worth the investment. And knowing an important language at an advanced level is a skill applicable to jobs in practically any field.

Study Abroad!

Don’t get lost in translations. Plan your college career to include as much of one or more of these languages as possible. Consider intensive summer study and study abroad in Amman, Jerusalem, or Rabat to immerse yourself in a language of the Middle East.


Study Abroad - Adam Benkato

Study Abroad - Adam Benkato

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