Candidates for the BA in Middle East Studies may receive a designation on their transcripts of departmental honors. Admission to the honors program is required.

Prerequisites: 3.33 overall GPA; 3.5 GPA or better in courses in the major; a minimum grade of B+ in HIST 180 or MDES 201; completion of at least one upper-level MDES course (400 level) requiring a seminar paper, at the time of admission; and submission of an application form to the MDES undergraduate faculty adviser. Prior approval of the thesis adviser and/or department chair is required for any modification of these requirements.

Required for departmental honors: The student must maintain the GPA requirements stated above and successfully complete MDES 475 or the MDES 492 Honors Thesis. In semesters when MDES 475 and MDES 492 are not offered, students may, with department approval, substitute MDES 490 (independent study) as constituting an honors seminar equivalent.

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