Minor in Arabic

    This minor provides students with advanced competency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the Arabic language. Advanced ability in Arabic can open many doors. Coursework for this minor prepares students for various careers and graduate-level study.

    Five courses (20 units) are required for the minor. All students must take ARAB 252, ARAB 322, and ARAB 352. For those students who do not already have ARAB 252-equivalent proficiency, ARAB 122, ARAB 152, and ARAB 222 or their equivalent (which do not count toward the minor) must be completed before enrolling in ARAB 252. For those with prior study of Arabic, a placement exam is offered by the USC Language Center to determine language level. If student proficiency surpasses the third-semester college level, the Department of Middle East Studies should be consulted about a higher-level proficiency exam. The remaining two courses (8 units) must be selected from the list of elective courses below.

    Learning Objectives

    -Advanced proficiency (at least two semesters beyond the 4th semester) in Arabic, including reading, speaking, comprehension, and writing skills.

    -Appreciation for and deeper understanding of the interrelationship between language and culture in Arab society.

    -Familiarity with the language and role of Arabic media.

    -Understanding of the issue of diglossia in Arabic, and, preferably, the study of at least one regional dialect.

    Study Abroad

    Students are encouraged to study abroad. Prior approval by the department is required for all courses which are to be counted toward the minor. Equivalent courses from other universities will be assessed by the MDES Curriculum Committee.

    Please contact MDES@usc.edu if you are interested.

    Academic Advising

    To speak to a college advisor about your interests, contact Isaura Pena (isaurape@usc.edu)


    • ARAB 252 – Arabic IV

      ARAB 322 – Advanced Arabic I

      ARAB 352 – Advanced Arabic II

      Two courses (8 units) from the following list must also be selected (or substitutes that are pre-approved by the MDES Curriculum Committee).

    • ARAB 300 – Introduction to Translation

      ARAB 333 – Colloquial Arabic: Regional Dialects

      ARAB 334 – Media Arabic

      REL 650 – Readings in Islamic Texts*

      *Requires advanced Arabic language ability and instructor’s permission. Contact the Department of Middle East Studies for more information.

    • For students interested in majoring in Middle East Studies and minoring in Arabic, please note that in addition to ARAB 252 and MDES 201,  you must select seven upper-division courses for the MDES major from outside the ARAB prefix.