Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate classics major gives students an understanding of the cultures, languages and literatures of ancient Greece, Rome and the Mediterranean world. Classics is a broadly interdisciplinary field. Most courses focus on ancient Greece and Rome, but students in the department also study the interactions among various ancient cultures, from the prehistoric Near East to the late antique Mediterranean, and the impact of classical cultures on later societies.

USC is a member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome and of the College Year in Athens program, and Classics majors are encouraged to spend a semester in Rome or Athens. USC undergraduates are also welcome to participate in the local chapter of the Senior Classical League.

The classics degree requirements are also designed to encourage students to explore courses in allied fields such as religion, history, comparative literature, and art history.

A major or minor in classics can also be very successfully paired with degrees in a range of other fields. Our students have been known to combine their study of classics with a number of other majors and minors, including pre-med, religion, cinematic arts, and political science.
To declare a major or minor, and to monitor the fulfillment of degree requirement, students should consult Antonia Croghan in the Office of College Advising. To discuss long range plans and interests, students should meet with Professor Vincent Farenga, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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