Yael Wolinsky-Nahmias is a Professor (Practice) in the Environmental Studies Program and Department of Political Science at the University of Southern California. She is also the founder and director of  USC Environmental Studies Internship Program. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Chicago, and taught at Northwestern University, where she also served as Director of the Environmental Policy and Culture Program until moving to the University of Southern California.

Professor Nahmias’s main research interests are in the area of climate change politics, civic participation, and public attitudes toward environmental issues. She studies local sustainability policies and changes in media coverage of climate change impact. Her interests have led her to think about the fundamental relationship between local and federal climate politics, and about cross-national differences in public attitudes. She published two books, Changing Climate Politics: U.S. Policies and Civic Action (CQ Press/Sage, 2015); and Models, Numbers, and Cases: Methods for Studying International Relations with Detlef Sprinz (University of Michigan Press, 2004).

Nahmias created the USC Environmental Studies Internship Program. The Program offers unique opportunities for students to intern with local and national environmental organizations. Students enrolled in the program can work in areas of environmental policy, environmental science, sustainability, and environmental education, and receive academic credit through ENST 492, for either 2 of 4 course units.

Professor Nahmias mentors both undergraduate and graduate research, and has also written about higher education pedagogical issues, especially with regard to the design and assessment of internship programs.