The Environmental Internship Program helps students get placed in internships with local environmental organizations. The internships provide students with valuable professional experience in environmental work and can help prepare students for careers or graduate school in various environmental fields. Students gain academic credit (2 or 4 units) by enrolling in ENST 492.

Students can apply for an internship in the areas of environmental policy and advocacy, environmental science, environmental justice, natural resources management, sustainability, environmental research and communication, and environmental education. Students are guided with resume, personal statement, and application preparation before the internship period.


Internships Available for Spring Semester and Maymester 2024

Join the Information Session on Wednesday, October 18 at 4:30PM on Zoom.

For more information contact Prof. Y. Nahmias. Also read our students’ blogs for information about the internships.

   General Information

  • The course is open to juniors and seniors.
  • Students can enroll in the course for either two or four credit units. Two units require 7-8 hours a week, four units require 12-14 hours a week.
  • D-Clearance is required, and is provided once students are accepted into an internship.







For More Details

  • You can explore the internship program by following the menu items under the Internship Program menu above.
  • Read the students’ blogs, and read more about the Internships and Organizations.
  • If you are interested, send an email to Program Director, Prof. Yael Nahmias. Include your areas of interest and your resume.