Therapy Services for Couples

We offer evidence-based treatments for a range of couple concerns drawing from Behavioral Couples Therapy, Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy as well as Family Systems approaches. Conflict is a very common part of relationships, and our services strive to build fulfillment and satisfaction in relationships.

  • We define a couple as individuals who are dating, married, or are domestic partners of any sexual orientation.

  • We offer therapeutic services for couples to help:

    • Address disagreements over topics such as work-relationship balance, money, child-rearing, and household responsibilities
    • Learn constructive ways to deal with conflict
    • Cope with new life situations, e.g., birth of a child, and life cycle challenges, e.g., infertility, unemployment, illness of one member of the couple or another family member
    • Communicate with one another about concerns that are difficult to bring up
    • Deal with issues of trust and infidelity
    • Consider whether to stay together as a couple
  • Most of our couples are seen in a co-therapy team – that is, there are 2 therapists who work together to help you as a couple.  The first few sessions are typically spent getting to know both of you as individuals, and your history together as a couple.  We also spend a significant amount of time developing an understanding of the problems you are facing in your relationship.  We will often ask you do do things outside of session.  That is, it is impossible to improve a relationship by only devoting 1 hour a week to discussing it. This means we will ask you do to things together as a couple, and sometimes as individuals, to work on improving your relationship and communication.  We do not keep secrets between partners in couples therapy.