Therapy Services for Adults

We offer offer both individual and group therapy for adults.  Group treatment is a great way to get support from others with similar difficulties, a good opportunity to sign up for therapy for a specific amount of time to try it out (e.g., 8 sessions), and a very cost effective way to get treatment.  Individual therapy is also a great option for those wanting to use science-based therapy to obtain help with current life problems.

    • We offer several specialties in adult therapy. At certain points of the year, we are looking for clients who fit with the training our students are receiving. For example, in the fall, we teach our students learning about adult therapy how to do exposure therapy for anxiety disorders.  Therefore, there may be more availability of certain types of treatment at different points in the year as it corresponds with therapist training need (though that isn’t the only type of treatment offered).  If one of these treatments interests you, please let us know!

      • During the fall semester in particular (August thru December), we offer treatment for different types of anxiety disorders (OCD, PTSD, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder) called Exposure Therapy. Exposure therapy helps you face your fears in a supportive environment. If this interests you, please tell the front office you’d like to consider exposure therapy when you call!
      • Throughout the year, we also aim to help clients with Depression or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (persistent worries that you feel are out of your control) with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

      We encourage you to look up more information about these treatments, and feel free to let us know if one of these treatments interests you when you call!

  • Each semester (fall, spring, summer) we determine which groups may be of interest to our clients.  We have offered groups for social anxiety, mindfulness, and panic disorder in the past. We are interested in continuing to offer these groups, as well as expanding services to other concerns such as relationship difficulties, stress management, and learning how to deal with your emotions. Please inquire about current group offerings.  We may also ask you about your interest in participating in group therapy when you call for a screening.

    • Your therapist will spend the first few sessions getting a “big picture” look at how you are doing and your life.  This will help us decide what type of treatment will help you the most.  In some cases, we learn we are unable to offer the type of treatment that would be best for you.  If that happens, you will be referred to another service in the area that will be more effective for you.
    • We think it is important to offer therapy supported by science.  The research tends to show it is helpful to choose specific goals to work toward in treatment, and to try to use the therapy time as helpfully as possible.  Usually, sessions are scheduled once per week for 50 minutes.  For some types of concerns, we may suggest more frequent (e.g., 2 times per week) or longer sessions (e.g., 90 minutes).  Group therapy sessions are typically 1.5 to 2 hours per week, for a specified number of weeks (usually 6 to 10 weeks).