The German Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor for students with academic interests and job aspirations in German speaking countries and cultures.
The German Studies Minor is designed to provide proficiency in written and spoken German, as well as develop intercultural competence that will lead to critical cultural awareness and enable students to interpret cultural practices and perspectives they encounter in German-speaking countries to then take informed actions in international communities.
German Studies minors must complete eight 4-unit courses (32 units) – four lower-division languages courses (or the equivalent), one upper division language course and 3 electives.

Approved List of Courses for German Studies Minor

German Studies Minor Requirement:

(8 courses = 32 units)

At least four courses (16 units) must be unique to the

minor – all courses are 4 unit courses:

Lower division language courses 

(4 courses = 16 units)

Upper division language course (1 course = 4 units)

Upper division electives (3 courses = 12 units)

Lower Division Language Courses

GERM 101, German I GERM 102, German II GERM 201, German III, Conversation and Composition GERM 221, Conversational German IV

Upper Division Language Courses

GERM 310, Business German I GERM 311, Business German II GERM 320, Composition and Conversation on Contemporary Affairs GERM 470, Advanced Composition and Stylistics

Upper Division Electives

COURSES OFFERED BY THE GERMAN STUDIES PROGRAM: GERM 320, Composition and Conversation on Contemporary Affairs GERM 325, Composition and Conversation in Cultural History GERM 330, Introduction to Literary Studies GERM 346, German Folklore and Popular Culture GERM 352, Colloquium on Poetry GERM 353, Colloquium on Prose GERM 360, 20th Century German Prose: Texts and Films GERM 375, The German Exile Experience GERM 410, Profile of German Literature I GERM 420, Profile of German Literature II
INTERDISCIPLINARY COURSE OFFERINGS: Only one course each from HIST, IR may be counted toward the minor HIST 323, The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe HIST 414, Contemporary Europe HIST 427, The German Question: Nation and Identity in Modern Central Europe HIST 428, Life and Death in Nazi Germany HIST 445, Comparative History and Theory of Fascism and Nazism IR 369, Contemporary European International Relations IR 385, European Foreign Policy and Security Issues IR 468, European Integration POSC 463, European Politics
Academic Advisor for German Studies

Isaura Pena is the go-to-person, when you want to declare a German Studies minor – Here is her contact info:

Isaura Pena
Academic Advisor
USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
KAP 357
(213) 740-2534