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Doctoral students from American Studies and Ethnicity and East Asian Languages and Cultures presented about their summer research activities. Two (Lillian Ngan and Dillon Sung) concentrated on learning languages online, in this case, Vietnamese and Korean. Seven others outlined summer writing projects, many of them focusing on submitting articles for publication. Their projects included cosmetic eyelid surgery for Korean Americans (Angela Kim), climate change in the Mekong Delta and its representation by the diasporic artist Tiffany Chung (Heidi Hong), race and the global Silicon Valley (Huan He), Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong (Christopher Chien), Transpacific abaca production to make the famous “Manila folders” (Karilynne Ejercito), the Subaru telescope, Mt. Fuji and Mt Mauna Kea (Sam Ikehara), and feminist Korean writers and historical memory (Hayun Cho).