Founded in 2015 and housed under the Center for Transpacific Studies and the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, the Queer Transpacific Research Cluster is a interdisciplinary, graduate student-led writing and reading group that focuses on discussing the latest scholarly literature related to Transpacific Studies, sharing and collaborating on our own projects in the form of writing workshops, and inviting speakers and faculty to speak about their work or discuss work of common interest.

Pulling from various departments such as American Studies and Ethnicity, English, Sociology, and Cinema and Media Studies, our cluster has also worked in concert with other similar research groups in the Southern Californian region. With a general focus on gender and sexuality as it is mutually informed by the socio-political, geographical and historical contexts of the Pacific Rim, Oceanic, Pacific Islanders, and the Western hemisphere, our cluster members’ projects are innovative, interdisciplinary, and varied in sites, objects, and analytics.



Christopher Chien
Karlynne Ejercito
Rebekah Garrison
Huan He
Jenny Hoang
Heidi Hong
Sam Ikehara
Angela Kim
Viola Lasmana
Teraya Paramehta
Bekah Park
Shan Mu Zhao


Bekah Park –