Please join the next Race/Solidarity: Transpacific Conversations series event on Friday, October 29! In this webinar session, USC Professor Bettine Birge invites Shao-yun Yang, Associate Professor of East Asian history and Director of the East Asian Studies program at Denison University.

For decades, historians have debated the question of whether concepts equivalent to race and racism existed in premodern Chinese ethnic discourse. Unfortunately, this discussion has been hindered by reliance on an inadequate nineteenth-century practice of classifying identities as racial, cultural, or national. In this talk, Professor Yang will propose a new conceptual framework for analyzing imperial Chinese ethnic discourses and argue that certain discourses previously characterized as racist could be more usefully interpreted as two distinct but related traditions of foreign relations thinking that he terms “civilization-state discourse” and “Chinese supremacism.” Please register for the event if you would like to attend.