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6 big reasons to experience innovative research at USC Dornsife

Reason 1: Language & Literature

Scholars illuminate the fundamentals of humanistic scholarship as captured in the uniquely human accomplishments of language — written and spoken.

Reason 2: Visual & Cultural Studies

Scholars interpret how visual images and culture across time and place advance our understanding of the human psyche and condition.

Reason 3: Social Structures, Governance & Economics

Researchers examine how humans define and redefine their social relations with one another.

Reason 4: Cellular, Genetic, and Biochemical Research

Scientists study fundamental building blocks of life.

Reason 5: Behavioral and Cognitive Research

Scientists describe how animals — from the simplest organisms to humans — use their bodies, neural resources, and, ultimately, cognition to function in the world around them.

Reason 6: Physical Science and Mathematical Research

Scientists and mathematicians investigate the nature of the physical world and the patterns, concepts and conjectures that emerge.

    Nearly 500 distinguished scholars are engaged in systematic inquiry within the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences has attracted a large pool of the world’s leading scholars and rising stars who will help shape the research enterprise of the 21st century.


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    Korean Studies Institute

    The Korean Studies Institute (KSI) was established in 1995 to further spur the development of education and research about Korea at USC. Along with offering a minor in Korean…

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Study on sex trafficking in Japan

    Rhacel Parreñas of sociology studied the labor and migration of Filipino hostesses who worked in Japan to discover if were victims of sex trafficking as the US "Trafficking in…

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Learn to be an archaeologist in Turkey!

    Undergraduates travel to the Hatay region of Turkey to survey the land for new sites as well as learn how to excavate at existing sites.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Undergrads travel to Belize to study ancient Mayan civilizations

    As part of the Problems without Passports trip, a group of students traveled to Belize to study the ancient Mayan civilization.

    Video by Mira Zimet & Angelica Zatarain

    Scientific Diving through the Environmental Studies Program

    As part of the Problems Without Passports program, a group of students traveled to Guam and Palau to study environmental issues.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    The Romance of Archeology

    Archeology major Jenny Crawford ('10) talks about her experience traveling to Peru last summer to work on a few archeological digs.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Undergrads travel to Cambodia to research the '75-'79 genocide

    USC Dornsife's Problems without Passports program sent 10 undergrads this past summer to Cambodia to research the 1975-1979 genocide.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Check out the opportunities to do research at USC Dornsife

    Check out some of the great programs that USC Dornsife has set up for undergraduate to conduct research.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Grad research in China for fossils

    The Center for Chinese Fossil Discoveries is a joint venture between the Dinosaur Institute of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the Department of Earth Sciences…

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Research in Neuroscience - one of our fastest growing majors

    Neurobiologist Tansu Celikel and graduate student David Herman examine how the brain processes sensory data.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island

    The USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies brings together all of the marine and environmental sciences at the University of Southern California. The jewel in the crown is…

    Video by Mira Zimet

    Archeology Students out in the field

    Undergraduate students work with Professor Lynn Dodd on photographing ancient Indian artifacts for preservation.

    Video by Mira Zimet

    USC Dornsife’s numerous decorated scholars include 4 Nobel Prize recipients, 51 American Association for the Advancement of Science members, 20 American Academy of Arts & Sciences fellows, 13 National Academy of Sciences members and 6 National Academy of Engineering members.

    USC Dornsife’s sponsored research budget is $292.2 million. USC Dornsife’s research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has increased by 37% in four years while the NIH Extramural Budget Allocations have remained flat for the same period.

    Talented graduate and undergraduate students of USC Dornsife will be among the world-renowned scientists and scholars of the next generation.