Diane Kim

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Pronouns She / Her / Hers Email dianekim@usc.edu Office AHF 401 Office Phone (213) 740-8776


  • B.S. University of Southern California, 2005
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    My research interests include microbial spatial and temporal diversity patterns and understanding what changes in community structure and composition could mean for biogeochemical and ecological processes. I am also very interested in the ecological linkages between microbial organisms from all 3 domains of life. I use molecular applications to address microbiological and ecological questions.

  • Journal Article

    • Caron, D. A., Countway, P. D., Jones, A. C., Kim, D. Y., Schnetzer, A. (2011). Marine protistan diversity. Annual Review of Marine Science. Vol. 4 (6), pp. 1-27.
    • Kim, D. Y., Countway, P. D., Gast, R. J., Caron, D. A. (2011). Rapid shifts in protistan community structure and composition during bottle incubations affect estimates of total protistan species richness. Microbial Ecology. Vol. 62 (2), pp. 383-398.
    • Steele, J. A., Countway, P. D., Xia, L., Vigil, P. D., Beman, J. M., Kim, D. Y., Chow, C. E., Sachdeva, R., Jones, A. C., Schwalbach, M. S., Rose, J. M., Hewson, I., Patel, A., Sun, F., Caron, D. A., Fuhrman, J. A. (2011). Marine bacterial, archael and protistan association networks reveal ecological linkages. The International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal. Vol. 5 (9), pp. 1414-1425.
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