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Phi Beta Kappa is the pre-eminent National Honor Society in the United States, recognizing excellent academic achievement in the tradition of learning in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Founded in 1776, the same year as this country, it is the oldest honor society in the United States. Its members continue to be recognized as leaders in their disciplines and professions. The USC Chapter, Epsilon of California, was established in 1929 and has inducted the top 5-10% of arts and sciences undergraduates every year.

Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation only. (See FAQs for more information.)

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Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Award

The USC Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Award recognizes excellence in liberal arts studies as expressed through creativity, scholarship, and leadership in the community.

The invitation to apply for the award is sent via email in November of each year to graduating USC PBK students.

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Phi Beta Kappa Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony (formerly referred to as the initiation ceremony) takes place in Spring of each year. It is a formal event to welcome and induct the newest members of the Epsilon of California Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

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