Already hailed as one of the gold standard Yoga Alliance 200-hour Yoga teacher training programs in the United States, The Yoga and The Healing Sciences Teacher Training Program at The University of Southern California begins on January 11 and includes the following highlights:


• A World Class Faculty And Amazing Educational, Professional, And Spiritual Experience: Featuring 25+ master world class guest Yoga instructors, educators, and therapists, the program outlines a unique, rich, diverse, comprehensive, and therapeutically-natured approach to Yoga designed to provide a foundational educational experience for participants


• Our Yoga Is 4 Everybody: The YHSX Program can be the perfect fit for you whether you’ve already done a 200-hour teacher training, are healthcare providers, and/or if this is your 1st time registering for a Yoga teacher training program


• East + West Advanced Perspectives: Program Director and USC Physical Education & Mind-Body Health Professor, Dr. Eden Goldman, will weave together the diverse wisdom perspectives giving both traditional Eastern Yoga and Western Healthcare perspectives in this one-of-a-kind training


• Transform Your Life: The program is not just a Yoga teacher training course, it’s a lifestyle modification course that uses Yoga as the catalyst for mindful lifestyle transformation


• More Than You Imagined: The lifelong friendships that are formed, the depth and range of study that evolves each weekend, and the amazing and incredible faculty and subjects covered make it feel as if you’re attending a Yoga conference every weekend and will be more than you ever imagined Yoga could be


• Live Your Yoga and Prepare To Succeed: The umbrella-like nature of the course teaches people how to live Yoga off the mat and wonderfully prepares participants for success in the field of Yoga

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