• Weight Training at USC

    Improvement of body shape, muscle endurance, and muscle strength; understanding of weight training and nutrition principles that can be utilized for future weight training development.

    Faculty: Sarah Hayes-McGill, Scott Teves, Juwon Nichols, Jino DeCastro and, Kevin Robinson

  • Self Defense A at USC

    Basic instruction of self-defense for beginners; strategies for standing and ground fighting situations with and without weapons.

    Faculty: Arthur Chivichyan, Carl Collins and, George Toney

  • Self Defense B at USC

    Intermediate instruction involving more advanced fighting strategies and techniques.

    Faculty: Arthur Chivichyan, Carl Collins and, George Toney

  • Principles of Self Defense and Personal Safety at USC

    Application of learned skills and strategies for identifying physical threats; increased situational awareness; understanding of when physical force may be required.

    Faculty: Arthur Chivichyan

  • Physical Conditioning at USC

    Improvement in cardiorespiratory endurance, body composition, muscle endurance and flexibility; running, circuit training, resistance exercises; fitness principles and nutrition to develop individualized program.

    Faculty: Steve Hsu, Isabelle Mazumdar, Jino DeCastro and Kevin Robinson

  • Swimming at USC

    Instruction and practice of basic strokes for beginners and intermediate swimmers; elementary springboard diving; water safety techniques; endurance training as a fitness program.

    Faculty: Natalia Cascino and Ian Culbertson

  • Surfing at USC

    Fundamental instruction of surfing skills; water safety and wave etiquette; wave recognition and forecast interpretation; surf culture; board selection; surf related strengthening and conditioning.

    Faculty: Ian Culbertson

  • Sustainability and Self-Care at USC

    Alternative ways to integrate sustainability practices into a daily routine; develop individual self-care modalities and connect to our planet; navigate climate anxiety.

    Faculty: Sara Ivanhoe

  • Sleep for Peak Performance at USC

    Introduction to sleep as it relates to physical and mental performance; breathing and meditation modalities to support healthy sleep; study of sleep systems, disorders, strategies.

    Faculty: Sara Ivanhoe

  • Intro to Mindfulness at USC

    Introduction to the principles of mindfulness; application of learned techniques to enhance mind body awareness; cultivate strategies to improve physical and mental health.

    Faculty: JoAnna Hardy, John Kneedler, Clio Manuelian, Christian Straka, Linda Yaron Weston, and Martin Vitorino

  • Yoga A at USC

    Introduction to meditation, breathing techniques and postures as a means towards relaxation; increase muscle flexibility, understanding of basic anatomy and nutritional guidelines.

    Faculty: Salena Collins-Black, Jino DeCastro, Steve Hsu, Clio Manuelian, Eden Goldman and Isabelle Mazumdar

  • Yoga B at USC

    A continuing study of intermediate and advanced yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation as a means toward relaxation and stress-reduction.

    Faculty:  Isabelle Mazumdar and Salena Collins-Black

  • Kundalini Yoga at USC

    Ancient yoga practice combining postures, meditation, breathing, mantras and focus techniques; designed to improve mind body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, techniques and nervous system function.

    Faculty: Stephanie Eggert

  • Yoga Therapy at USC

    Holistic discipline combining traditional yoga techniques with a modern medicine approach to treating a variety of health conditions; includes physical, mental and breathing practice.

    Faculty: Salena Collins-Black, Eden Goldman, and Jennifer Guinter

  • Walking for Fitness at USC

    Develop a strong fitness foundation through walking; fitness assessment and individualized programs; gait biomechanics and power walking; injury prevention; strategies for special populations.

    Faculty: Jino DeCastro and Kevin Robinson

  • Acroyoga at USC
    Teamwork building fitness course combining mindfulness and yoga with the dynamic movement of acrobatics; strength, balance and mind body awareness; stretching, spotting and counter balancing.

    Faculty:Jennifer Guinter

  • Principles of Traditional Yoga Through Community Outreach at USC

    Introduction and reinforcement of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation; sharing yoga principles and benefits with grade schools; teaching and community service opportunity.

    Faculty: Christina Koneazny and Isabelle Mazumdar

  • Cardio Group Fitness at USC

    Group fitness instruction incorporating a variety of training methods such as cycling, HITT (high intensity interval training), step, circuits; nutritional guidelines.

    Faculty: Steve Hsu and Julie Sprague

  • Distance Running at USC

    Introduction to distance running while training for a 5k, 10k or half marathon; gait biomechanics and running efficiency; injury prevention; nutrition guidelines.

    Faculty: Jennifer Guinter

  • Hiking at USC

    Introduction to hiking; specific conditioning to develop muscle strength and endurance; equipment; various terrain, weather conditions, safety; environmental impact and trail etiquette.

    Faculty: Ian Culbertson

  • Backpacking at USC
    Acquisition of backpacking knowledge and skills; conditioning plan; nutrition and equipment selection; ethics and environmental considerations; navigation, safety and wilderness first aid; trip planning.

    Faculty: Ian Culbertson

  • Beach Volleyball at USC

    Fundamental instruction of skills and tactics specific to sand volleyball and related physical conditioning; rules and strategies; history and culture.

    Faculty: Julie Sprague

  • Volleyball A at USC

    Introduction to beginning and intermediate volleyball skills, rules, game tactics, and strategies. Emphasis on the development of: passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking, and digging.

    Faculty: Sarah Hayes-McGill and Julie Sprague

  • Volleyball B at USC

    Advanced techniques; focus on offenses and defenses used in game situations.

    Faculty: Sarah Hayes-McGill

  • Tennis at USC

    Fundamental instruction of basic strokes for beginners and intermediate players; rules, scoring, court etiquette, strategies; singles and doubles; practice and match play.

    Faculty: Timothy Burton, Frank Gutierrez and Shannon Cross

  • Tennis at USC

    Introduction to pickleball; develop basic skills, techniques and fundamentals; rules, scoring, etiquette and strategies of play (singles/doubles play).

    Faculty: Timothy Burton, Mike Munson and Joshua Maya

  • Archery at USC
    Fundamental instruction of archery technique for beginners and intermediates; historical origins; form; the shot cycle; mindfulness; scoring; equipment; sport specific training.

    Faculty: Laurence Mo and Eric Tollefson

  • Table Tennis A at USC

    Fundamental instruction of basic strokes for beginning and intermediate players; rules, scoring strategies; singles and doubles; practices and match play.

    Faculty: Irina Jestkova

  • Table Tennis B at USC

    Reinforcement of basic strokes for experienced players; development of advanced strokes including serves, use of spin, counter hits, footwork; drills and match play.

    Faculty: Irina Jestkova

  • Badminton at USC

    Fundamental instruction of basic strokes for beginners and intermediate players; rules, scoring, strategies; footwork and court positioning; practical drills and games.

    Faculty: Irina Jestkova

  • Golf at USC
    Basic skills development and knowledge in stance, grip and swing mechanics; course strategy; use of woods, irons and putting; history rules and etiquette.

    Faculty: Marcos Briano, Timothy Burton, and Mike Munson

  • Basketball at USC

    Basic skill development in dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense; rules, history, and etiquette; drills and full court games.

    Faculty: Arthur Chivichyan and EJ Mitchem

  • Stress Management for Healthy Living at USC

    Instruction on the effects of stress as it relates to work, sport and academics; coping strategies are discussed and applied through physical conditioning interventions.

    Faculty: Marcos Briano, Ian Culbertson, Stephanie Eggert, Bara Floyd, Jennifer Guinter, Steve Hsu, and Isabelle Mazumdar

  • First Aid at USC

    First aid safety education and infant, child, and adult CPR; demonstrated proficiency and successful completion of exam prepares students for Red Cross certification.

    Faculty: Sarah Hayes-McGill

  • Principles of Athletic Coaching at USC

    Introduction to coaching strategies; team management; philosophy; ethics; leadership. Methodologies in sport specific training; skill progression; conditioning; athlete motivation; budgeting; fundraising.

    Faculty: Tim Burton

  • Health Coaching at USC

    Skills and strategies of coaching principles promoting healthy lifestyle change. Motivational communication techniques; goal setting; designing safe, effective exercise program; health coach certification exam preparation.

    Faculty: Sarah Hayes-McGill

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