Minor in Mind-Body Studies


    Students will explore the interconnectedness of body and mind wellbeing through an experiential, interdisciplinary study that blends theory, research, and practice. Offered through the Department of Physical Education & Mind Body Health, core coursework includes foundations in yoga, mindfulness, and stress management for a comprehensive approach to healthy living. Interdisciplinary coursework examines mental and physical health for a multi-dimensional view of mind-body awareness and connection. This minor is designed for students who want to add a dimension of wellbeing to their personal and academic lives. It is particularly suited for those with career interests in health care, physical therapy, psychology, or social work.

    For further information about the Mind-Body Studies minor, please contact Jordan Arteaga at arteagaj@usc.edu.

    Required Coursework* (20 units)

    Students will complete a combination of experiential classes in Physical Education & Mind Body Health, as well as theory and research-based interdisciplinary electives.

    *Required coursework is the total of Core Courses, Upper Division Courses and Electives

    Core Courses (Choose 3 units)

    PHED 120a: Yoga – 1 unit

    PHED 119: Introduction to Mindfulness – 2 units


    PHED 160: Stress Management for Healthy Living – 2 units

    Upper-Division Courses (Choose 12 units)

    BAEP 472: The Science of Peak Performance – 2 units

    DANC 362: Pilates Mat Training – 2 units

    GERO 411L: Physiology, Nutrition, and Aging – 2 units

    HBIO 301L: Human Anatomy – 4 units

    HBIO 309: The Human Machine – 4 units

    HBIO 401L: Physiology of Movement – 4 units

    MKT 404: Happiness and Wellbeing in the Marketplace – 4 units

    OT 325: The Brain: Mind, Body, and Self – 4 units

    PSYC 339Lg: Origin of the Mind – 4 units

    REL 340: Introduction to Indian Philosophy – 4 units

    Electives* (Choose 5 units)

    PHED 106a: Physical Conditioning – 1 unit

    PHED 110: Swimming – 1 unit

    PHED 118: Sleep for Peak Performance – 2 units

    PHED 119: Introduction to Mindfulness – 2 units

    PHED 120b: Yoga B – 1 unit

    PHED 122: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – 1 unit

    PHED 123: Yoga Therapy – 2 units

    PHED 124: Walking for Fitness – 1 unit

    PHED 127: Principles of Yoga Through Community Outreach – 2 units

    PHED 134: Hiking – 1 unit

    PHED 160: Stress Management for Healthy Living – 2 units

    PHED 163: Health Coaching – 3 units

    PHED 299: Yoga and Meditation Immersion in Tulum, Mexico – 2 units

    * Maximum 4 PHED activity units allowed at USC. Minor courses PHED 118, 119, 123, 127, 160, 163 and 299 are exempt from this rule.

    Learning Objectives

    1.Explore the interconnectedness of body and mind across disciplines for a comprehensive approach to mental, physical, social, and collective wellbeing.

    2.Build and sustain a personal meditation practice, utilize conscious breathing techniques, and apply healthy living strategies to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress resilience.

    3.Deepen self-awareness of alignment and body mechanics for increased strength, balance, and flexibility — and self-awareness as a foundation for mental health and emotional literacy.

    4.Investigate what it means to practice happiness, resilience, consent, and wellbeing, recognizing diverse bodies, identities, perspectives, and sociocultural experiences.

    5.Apply mindful awareness in daily life, including as it relates to:
    a.decision making and problem solving.
    b.interpersonal relationships and communication.
    c.career-readiness, time management, goal setting, and exploring what it means to have a conscious and purposeful relationship with technology.

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