Here are some reflections from our past graduates about their experiences in the YHSX program:


“I knew the program would be special, but I didn’t expect it to be as extraordinarily special as it was – words can’t describe it. It is an incredible experience. My Yoga practice has become deeper and more expansive. You grow in ways you never expected to grow. The depth and breadth of knowledge was impressive. Well worth the tuition! It’s a deal for what was given by the instructors and the guests! ” LD, Occupational Therapist


“The YHSX TT was AWESOME! The teachers are great. You leave every class motivated. If you want to change your life in a positive way, do it.”AT, College Student


“The program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it. I enjoyed the variety of speakers and my classmates were great, too. I would encourage all of my friends and students interested in expanding their knowledge of Yoga to take this course. It is a catalyst to broaden their knowledge and scope of teaching.”NL, Yoga Studio Owner


“I had been considering taking a Yoga teacher training for years! This class has opened not only my eyes to the possibilities of life, but my heart as well. It has truly been a remarkable experience that I wish the entire world could share. The world would be a different place!”BT, Interior Designer And Green Building Consultant


“The program was perfect. It definitely opened me up to new insightful and magical secrets. I loved every moment of it.”KL, Chiropractor


“This teacher training program taught me about life and how to live my life based on what’s important to me. I learned that Yoga is way more than asanas. Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life. This program taught me how to be diligent, hard-working, and honest to myself and others and it helped me get back to what I initially loved about Yoga. It also taught me that I’m not alone and that other people are just as eccentric, emotional, and weird as me!”AE, Social Worker


“I had come to this program with no expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised of how well all subject areas were covered and new areas of interest were developed for me. My understanding of Yoga and it’s real purpose has deepened. Yoga is not only about asanas anymore. It’s a lifestyle that is practiced regardless of what physical shape you are in! The end of this course is just the beginning of my studies.”RG, Apparel Industry Business Owner


“I believe this course has been the best educational thing I could have taken to expand my knowledge base.”CD, NASA Physicist


“It’s the best. I love all the different interests and input of the 20+ teachers. It helps us make our own choices. When there is a single teacher, you get only one view. Everyone needs the freedom to find their own path. The program allows that. It also makes you smart in a Yoga crowd.”KH, Fitness Professional


“Excellent teachers. Serious depth. Authentic. Well-rounded education. Great for teachers and self-improvement.” ZK, News Reporter


“The LMU teacher training was awesome and one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. It was a bargain as a “schooling” experience – and way better than law school.”MS, Lawyer


“This course has helped me grow in many different areas of my life. I would highly recommend this program. The guest teachers are fantastic.”DC, Television Executive


“The YHSX TT was an incredible introduction to the whole of Yoga. It was the most transformational experience I’ve ever been a part of. The relationships I’ve made with my classmates/kula and with myself are simply unbelievable. I would highly recommend it!”JF, Psychotherapist

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