Whereas many Yoga teacher training programs focus on a single practice or school of Yoga, the YHSX Program at USC introduces practitioners to a variety of different yogic practices and approaches. Each of the various approaches to Yoga practice and spiritual work have developed over the centuries in order to suit the needs of individuals of different dispositions and capacities, be it physical, mental, emotional, social, and/or spiritual. Understanding and appreciating this variety of practice will help to develop practitioners’ inner and outer world while preparing them as teachers to better serve a diverse yogic clientele. What’s more, upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:


• Better understand Yoga as a holistic healing discipline that takes into account all aspects of an individual, including the individual’s history, uniqueness, and life circumstances


• Identify the physical, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits associated with the regular practice of Yoga through therapeutic Yoga asanas/poses, breathwork/pranayama, diet, yogic lifestyle practices, and meditation


• Develop a deeper spiritual practice and an appreciation for both the classical paths and ancient philosophies of Yoga, as well as today’s more modern approaches


• Demonstrate proper body alignment and technique in each Yoga asana/pose and an understanding of anatomy, movement, and breathing both from a Yoga perspective and a scientific perspective


• Integrate and implement Yoga asanas, breathing practices, and meditation techniques into day-to-day life for relaxation and stress management while becoming more self-regulated and self-reliant


• Create therapeutic and supportive Yoga practices for oneself and safe and fun classes for others with knowledge and understanding how Yoga influences one’s overall health and wellness


• Apply Yoga and yogic practices as a catalyst and instrument for health, healing, and balanced living




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