5 of the best USC Dornsife videos of 2019
These videos from the last 12 months demonstrate USC Dornsife’s breadth of scholarship and expertise — and our willingness to have a little fun. (Composite: Dennis Lan. Image source: HBO/Deborah Harkness/Mike Glier/Ling Luo/iStock.)

5 of the best USC Dornsife videos of 2019

Just press play to watch exceptional scholarship, service and achievement in action from this year at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
USC Dornsife Communication Staff

Does the Iliad translate to rap? What predictions did scholars make about Game of Thrones? How does best-selling author Deborah Harkness feel about seeing her book play out on television? The answers to these questions and more can be found in videos produced by USC Dornsife in 2019.

Breast Milk — the New Timekeeper?

Human breast milk is more than a meal – it also appears to be a clock, providing time-of-day information to infants. USC Dornsife psychologists and their colleagues investigate what the implications are when infants drink milk that was pumped and stored in advance of feeding.

Who Will Win Game of Thrones? USC Dornsife Experts Offer Predictions

Although we now know who won the Iron Throne, this past spring USC fans of the show were eager to give their forecasts on the final outcome of the popular show.

 L.A. Students to the International Space Station: ‘Do You Copy?’

Thanks to USC Dornsife’s Young Scientists Program, students at a South Los Angeles elementary school quiz an astronaut orbiting 250 miles above Earth.

How Magic, Science and History Influence a Professor’s Writing 

Bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches and USC Dornsife history professor Deborah Harkness reveals what it was like seeing her novels come to life on the TV screen, how her work as a historian has influenced her as a storyteller and much more in this revealing interview.

The Iliad, Hip-Hop Style

Assistant Professor of Classics Brandon Bourgeois is keeping the oral tradition of sharing ancient tales alive using a modern twist. Watch how he teaches Homer’s epic poem by rapping it.

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