Holding considerable economic and strategic clout, Saudi Arabia is still considered an ally of the United States despite a track record of human rights violations. [5½ min read]


On Nov. 20, 1969, a group of activists attempted to reclaim the location of the infamous prison for the native people who had once occupied it. USC Dornsife faculty discuss the implications of the event, which kicked off nearly two years of protest that would shape Native American land rights activism for the next five decades. [4 min read]


USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics’ Lyn Boyd-Judson leads seven undergraduates to the University of Oxford for a five-day workshop on human rights and humanitarian action.


USC valedictorian Katherine Fu and salutatorians Alexander Fullman and Julia Sabo Mangione — all in USC Dornsife — will represent the Class of 2013 on May 17.

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