2016 Dornsife Scholars demonstrate educational excellence aimed at positive global impact

2016 Dornsife Scholars demonstrate educational excellence aimed at positive global impact

Eight exceptional seniors who aspire to make a positive impact on the world will receive scholarships to support their graduate or professional studies.
ByMichelle Boston

Hard work and dedication have paid off for eight outstanding seniors — they have been named 2016 USC Dornsife Scholars.

The USC Dornsife Scholars program recognizes exceptional seniors who are committed to educational excellence and the advances that allow for improving the lives of people and addressing pressing global problems. Selected for their successes in educational fields that address both national and global questions of human value and social challenges, the eight students each will receive $10,000 to be used to continue their studies as graduate students and emerging professionals.

The program combines the talents sought in the USC Discovery and Global Scholars program with an added emphasis on positive human impact. Offering university-wide recognition, the designation is available exclusively to outstanding graduating seniors whose major course of study is in USC Dornsife.

The Dornsife Scholars program honors Dana and David Dornsife, renowned philanthropists with the highest regard for education, and underscores the importance of core academic disciplines of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. USC Dornsife believes that a liberal arts education is the best preparation for students who wish to have a lasting constructive effect on the world.

The 2016 USC Dornsife Scholars are:

Jennifer Bailey

B.A. Social Sciences with Emphasis in Psychology; Minors: Spanish, Healthcare Studies

Rebecca Homan

B.A. International Relations, B.S. Environmental Studies

Austin Reagan

B.A. Environmental Studies, B.A. Political Science

Vivian Rotenstein

B.A. Psychology; Minors: Psychology and Law, Keyboard Studies

Yasmeen Serhan

B.A. International Relations; Minor: French

Georgia Soares

B.A. English (Creative Writing); Minors: French, Comparative Literature

Nicole Tolbert

B.A. Psychology

Xiaojie Wang

B.A. International Relations and the Global Economy