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Doing the Write Thing

A Gift from a Young Alumnus to Enrich the Trojan Literary Tradition

Doing the Write Thing

One of the hallmarks of a USC education is the freedom to explore studies widely separated across the academic spectrum. Alumnus Dan Angius (’04) not only believes in breadth with depth—he exemplifies it.

While at USC he complemented his business major with a minor in history. “It gave me an outlet to write, and creative writing has always been a passion of mine,” said Angius.

In fact, if he could do it all over again for fun, Angius would also pursue a degree in English. An avid reader, he is a fan of T.C. Boyle and Carol Muske-Dukes, two award-winning members of the College’s creative writing faculty, because he believes their work contributes to society.

The young alumnus is now an account executive with investment banking firm Balboa Capital Corporation. This year he contributed $2,000 to the English department as a testament to his faith in the cultural riches of USC College.

Angius’ gift to the Richard Ide Memorial Fund supports a space in the English department where students and faculty can meet, interact and share ideas. The lounge also hosts special projects and seminars, and showcases extracurricular faculty activities.

He also wishes to pay tribute to a mentor who helped expose him to all the College had to offer during Angius’ undergraduate days, Jonathan Burdick, the former assistant dean of admissions in the College. (Burdick now serves as dean of admission and financial aid at the University of Rochester.) The two established a rapport when Angius was a USC freshman, and their friendship continued through Angius’ undergraduate career.

According to him, “Jon represented sophistication and a diverse field of interests. He chose his own path in everything he did, which I tried to emulate throughout my time at USC.”

Angius plans to continue his own studies, starting in an M.B.A. program next summer. It’s no surprise that USC is among his top choices. The university has had an indelible impact on his life.

“My experiences at USC provided me with every tool necessary to achieve success,” he said. “Without ’SC’s opportunities, I could not have learned to appreciate where I’ve been in life and strive for where I want to go.

“The environment at USC was an academic and social playground that allowed me to develop myself,” Angius continued. “When I think about it, everything in my life that means a lot to me has a first- or second-degree connection to USC.”