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December 2023

Naomi’s Sabbatical Part 2, University of Technology (UTS) Sydney:

Dr. Naomi Levine recently took sabbatical and spent some time at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)! While in Australia, she worked with collaborators, Prof. Justin Seymour, and Dr. JB Raina! She has been getting into the lab to prepare for ISCA deployments in January. Dr. Levine and her colleagues will be studying phycosphere dynamics under environmental stress.

November/October 2023

Welcome New Postdocs Daniela & Hagen

Hagen is one of our new postdocs in the group that will be working on rates of organic matter degradation in the ocean.

We also welcomed postdoc Daniela to the team, and she will be working on trichodesmium, a type of marine cyanobacteria or blue-green algae that is responsible for approximately half of the world’s nitrogen fixation – a process in which atmospheric nitrogen is converted to a more usable form called ammonium.

October 2023


Making fun art when communicating our research to a general audience! Su represented MEB during the first BISC and BREWS event at USC talking about mathematical models and microbes!

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