2023 Books

Sarah Banet-Weiser & Kathryn Claire Higgins

Believability: Sexual Violence, Media, and the Politics of Doubt

Polity Books, 2023

Adrian De Leon

Bundok: A Hinterland History of Filipino America

University of North Carolina Press, 2023

Alisha Dukelow

Modernist Affect Grid

Anteism, 2023

Joan Flores-Villalobos

The Silver Women: How Black Women’s Labor Made the Panama Canal

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2023

Slava Greenberg

Animated Film and Disability: Cripping Spectatorship

Indiana University Press, 2023

Rena M. Heinrich

Race and Role: The Mixed-Race Asian Experience in American Drama

Rutgers University Press, 2023

Christopher Hepburn

Defining Waka Musically: Songs of Male Love in Premodern Japan

Palgrave, 2023

Mark Irwin

Joyful Orphan

University of Nevada Press, 2023

Jonathan Leal

Dreams in Double Time: On Race, Freedom, and Bebop

Duke University Press, 2023

Ronald Mendoza-De Jesus

Catastrophic Historicism: Reading Julia de Burgos Dangerously

Fordham Press, 2023

Faiza Moatasim

Master Plans and Encroachments: The Architecture of Informality in Islamabad

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2023

Thomas Seifrid

Staging the Absolute: Ritual in Russia’s Modern Era

University of Toronto Press, 2023

William G. Thalmann

Theocritus: Space, Absence, and Desire

Oxford University Press, 2023

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