September 21 – Jon Wiener, “How We Forgot the Cold War” (241 Doheny Library)

October 5 – Stephanie Barron, “Curating the Ken Price Sculpture Retrospective” (at LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., LA 90036. Lunch choices afterwards at the 3rd and Fairfax Farmer’s Market eateries.)

October 19  – Miles Corwin, “Today’s Downtown Los Angeles as a Setting for Noir Fiction” (at The Last Book Store, 453 S. Spring St., LA 90013. Lunch choices afterwards include venerable restaurants from Raymond Chandler’s days – Cole’s, Clifton’s, Far East Café.)

November 2 – Marty Kaplan, “Election 2012 Town Hall” (241 Doheny Library)

November 16 – Jorja Leap, “Getting Schooled by the Gangs of L.A.” (241 Doheny Library)

December 7 – Carol Wells, “Can Art Stop a War?” (241 Doheny Library)

January 18 – Mia Lehrer at the River Center, “Landscaping the Los Angeles River”, The Los Angeles River Center

January 25 – Visions & Voices panel and film festival – “Music Festivals: Creating New Communities for a New Generation” at Norris Cinema Theatre

Panel: Ann Davidman, Dede Flemming, Jason Bentley, Simon Rust Lamb. Moderator: Josh Kun

Film Q &A with Kevin Kerslake and Simon Rust Lamb


February 1 – Don Franzen, “Digital Revolution in the Music Industry” (241 Doheny Library)

February 15 – John Romano, “Dissent on Lolita: Can a Work of Art Be Immoral?” (241 Doheny Library)

March 1 – Wim de Wit, “The Making of Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990” (Getty Research Center)

March 15 – Attica Locke, “Touring Tara: The Magic and Menace of Historical Tourism” (241 Doheny Library)

March 29  – Jon Boorstin, “Inventing the Movies: Why I Love Mabel Normand” (241 Doheny Library)

April 26  – Noé Montes, “Mr. Brown Los Angeles” (241 Doheny Library)

May 3 – Janice Littlejohn, “Women Horn Players and Jazz: Blowin’ the Roof of the Boys’ Club”(241 Doheny Library)

May 24 – Steve Ross, “Hitler in Los Angeles: Hows Jews and Their Spies Foiled Nazi and Fascist Plots Against America” (241 Doheny Library)

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