5/18/12 Dana Gioia on “The Art of Poetry” and a poetry reading

5/4/12 Tom Lutz on “Book Talk & The Organization of Knowledge”

4/20/12 Clifford Johnson on “Graphic Adventures in Science Outreach”

4/6/12 Rick Wartzman on “The End of Loyalty: How the Social Contract Between Employer and Employee in America Has Changed Since the End of WWII”

3/29/12 Jim Leach on “The Relevance of the Humanities to the Challenges of Democracy”

3/1612 Off site Getty Center lunch: Marcia Reed, chief curator at the Getty Research Institute, on its collections of more than 5,000 artists’ books

3/2/12 Howard Rodman on “The Fantômas Centennial: My Obsession with a 100-Year-Old Fictional Archfiend”

2/17/12 Allison Engel on “Bringing Molly Ivins to the Stage”

2/3/12 Aaron Paley on “CicLAvia and the Transformation of LA’s Public Spaces”

1/20/12 M.G. Lord on “The Accidental Feminist: How Liz Taylor Raised Our Consciousness and We Were Too Distracted by Her Beauty to Notice”

12/2/11 Amir Hussain on “Islam and the Building of America”

11/18/11 Vanessa Schwartz on “France: Still Relevant in the 21st Century?”

11/4/11 Mark Allen and Sara Roberts on “Doing Stuff with Humans: Some New Ideas for Art Museums,” a short presentation and non-awkward participatory sound project

10/21/11 Bill Deverell on “The Kathy Fiscus Story: Tragedy and Community in Post-War America”

10/14/11 Off site lunch at Libros Schmibros with a talk by owner David Kipen on “Anti-Occident: Hammer-ing Away at LA’s Mutual East-West Incomprehension”

9/30/11 Brenda Levin on “Revitalizing Los Angeles: Reinvention Without Amnesia”


5/20/11 Debora Silverman on “Art and Violence: The Case of Damien Hirst”

5/6/11 Amy Parish on “Science, Sex and Politics”

4/15/11 Aimee Bender on “Fiction and the Writing Process”

4/1/11 Special Event: Getty Center visit with Andrew Perchuk on Pacific Standard Time

3/18/11 Leo Braudy on/under The Hollywood Sign

3/4/11 Laura Trombley on Mark Twain

2/18/11 Sean Carroll “From Particles to People: The Laws of Nature and the Meaning of Life”

2/4/11 Robert Scheer on “The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans & Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street”

1/21/11 Bram Dijkstra on “Nude in American Art”

1/14/11 Zev Yaroslavsky on “The Arts and Culture in Los Angeles”

12/03/10 Jack Miles on “An American Christian’s Prayer for Israel”

11/19/10 Kate Burton on life as an actress

11/5/10 Kevin Starr on “It’s Not Easy Being Square”

10/29/10 Marty Kaplan leads a Town Hall on the fall election [at USC’s Doheny Library]

10/8/10 Vanessa Place talks about representing sex offenders

9/24/10 Lewis Hyde on “The History of Owning Ideas” [at USC’s Doheny Library]


5/7/10 Robin Swicord on “Reviving Cleopatra”

4/16/10 Sara Lippincott on “The Two Cultures: From C.P. Snow to John Brockman”

4/2/10 Joyce Appleby on “Why does Capitalism begin with a puzzle?”

3/29/10 Visions and Voices panel “Joystick Nation: Theater, Film and Interactive Gaming in 2020”

3/19/10 Jonathan Kirsch on “Harlots, Holy Books and History”

3/5/10 Special Event Getty Center visit with Michael Brand on revisiting 15th century Mandu, India

2/19/10 Eric Lax on Wrestling with Faith

2/5/10 Gov. Michael Dukakis on The Uninsured: 50 Million and counting

1/15/10 Michael Hackett on LA Opera’s first Ring Cycle

12/11/09 DJ Hall on Who, Why and How She Paints

12/4/09 Dana Goodyear on literature coming to the internet

11/20/09 John Walsh on “Gardens for Sculpture: A Success Story (Partly)

11/6/09 Tom Lutz on “The End of the Road”

10/16/09 Josh Kun “Angels and Migrants: Mexican Music in Los Angeles”

10/2/09 Bill Boyarsky “Inventing Los Angeles: The Chandlers and their Time”

9/18/09 Reza Aslan “On the Future of US/Iran Relations”


5/1/09 Warren Bennis “On Leadership”

4/17/09 Neil Peter Jampolis “An Artist of Occasion: Life as a Stage Designer”

4/3/09 Gina Nahai “The Enigma of Iran: Reconciling Opposite Truths”

3/30/09 Visions & Voices: The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, Seeing Los Angeles: Exploring the InVisible City

3/20/09 D.J. Waldie “Inventing Romantic Los Angeles: Shadows and Substance”

3/6/09 Special Event: Getty Center visit with Architectural Historian Wim de Witt

2/20/09 Louise Steinman “The Crooked Mirror: A Conversation with Poland”

2/12/09 Special Event: Walk-Through of “Art of Two Germanys ” with Stephanie Barron at LACMA

2/6/09 Marc Cooper “The End of Journalism? Just Dead Trees or a Dead Profession?”

1/23/09 Barbara Isenberg “Inspiration to Building: The Journey of Frank Gehry”

1/9/09 Robert Winter “Between Digital Hell and Digital Hope: Creating from the New World”

12/19/08 Qingyun Ma “The USC American Academy in China”

12/5/08 Johanna Blakley “Creativity and Copyright: The Surprising Tale of the Fashion Industry”

11/21/08 Jon Boorstin “Lying with Fiction: Teddy Roosevelt, Emma Goldman and the Charismatic Leader”

11/7/08 Richard Schickel “The Trouble with Movies”

10/17/08 Town Hall Meeting Moderated by Marty Kaplan “The 2008 Presidential Election”

10/3/08 Barbara Tversky “Visual Communication”

9/19/08 Robert Scheer “The Pornography of Power”


5/2/08 Pico Iyer “The Dalai Lama and our Divided World”

4/18/08 Vanessa Schwartz “It’s So French! Hollywood, the Cannes Film Festival and Global Film Culture”

4/4/08 Howard Fox, Rita Gonzalez and Chon Noriega “Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement”

3/31/2008 Visions & Voices: The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative, “Does the Modern World Still Work? (And if not, Is Religion the Answer)

3/7/08 Carol Muske-Dukes “Prison and the Writerly Imagination”

2/15/08 David Bomford, Associate Director of Collections, J. Paul Getty Museum “Art in the Making: Another View of Art History”

2/1/08 Town Hall Meeting Moderated by Marty Kaplan

1/18/08 Barry Glassner “The Gospel of Food”

12/14/07 Robin Kelley “Thelonious Monk: Writing Against Myth”

12/7/07 Manuel Castells “Communication Power”

11/16/07 Michael Henry Heim “The Grass Affair: Grass’s Past in His Memoir “Peeling the Onion”

10/26/07 Alex Ross “Music in the Century of Death”

10/19/07 Gregory Rodriguez “Mexican Immigration and the Future of Race in America”

10/8/2007 Visions & Voices, Hip Hop America

10/5/07 KC Cole “Frank Oppenheimer, The Other Brother: Lessons for Living a Fruitful Life from the Uncle of the Atomic Bomb”

9/21/07 John Rechy “Real People as Fictional Characters: Some Comic, Sad and Dangerous Encounters”

2006 – 2007

5/18/07 Yvonne Rainer “Feelings Are Facts: A Life”

5/2/07 Steven Bach on Leni Rienfenstahl

4/20/07 Lorraine Wild “Book Design: The Art of Collaboration”

4/6/07 Phil Ethington “Mapping the Haunted Spaces of Los Angeles”

3/7/2007 Visions & Voices, The Moral Morass of Contemporary Life

3/16/07 Margaret Wertheim “The Intersection of Science and Aesthetics”

2/16/07 Steve Ross “Hollywood Left and Right: How Movie Stars Shaped American Politics”

2/2/07 Richard Reeves “The Art of the (Presidential) Biography”

1/19/07 Michael Govan “Transforming LACMA”

12/15/06 Gore Vidal in conversation with Jon Wiener

12/4/06 Special Event: Walk-Through of “Magritte and Contemporary Art: The Treachery of Images” with Stephanie Barron at LACMA

12/1/06 Judith Freeman “The Romantic Life of Raymond Chandler”

11/17/06 Jonathan Aronson “Searching for Meaning in the New Networked Age”

11/1/2006 Visions & Voices, Pop, Politics, and Propoganda

11/3/06 Seth Faison “China: Global Superpower or Basket Case?”

10/20/06 Debra Greenfield “Everything You Never Heard About the Stem Cell Debate”

10/6/06 Robert Greenwald “Making Movies, Making Movements ‘Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers’”

9/22/06 Joyce Appleby on “The Politics of Memory”

2005 – 2006

6/9/06 David L. Ulin on the Relevance of Book Reviewing.

5/5/06 Douglas Greenberg “The Shoah Foundation Archive: A Tour of the 20th Century”

4/21/06 Connie Bruck Reports on Iranian Expatriates and on writing for the New Yorker.

4/7/06 Kit Rachlis “A Secret History of L.A.”

3/22/06 DIALOGUES “Have Blogs Replaced Newspapers and Should We Care?” Panelists: Ana Marie Cox, Kevin Drum, Keven Roderick. Moderator: Marty Kaplan

3/17/06 Anne Taylor Fleming “The Writing Life”

3/6/06 Artist Alexis Smith in conversation with Barbara Isenberg at The Getty Center.

2/17/06 John Romano “The Crisis in the Great Books Tradition”

2/3/06 L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti “A View from the President’s Chair”

1/20/06 Vanessa Place “Harmonize the Strain: Cultural Resistance and Experimental Literature”

1/12/06 Special Event: Walk-through of “Ecstasy: In and About Altered States” with curator Paul Schimmel at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary.

12/2/05 Rabbi Leonard Beerman and Rev. Dr. George Regas “A Priest and a Rabbi: A 40 Year Friendship in Pursuit of Justice and Peace”

11/18/05 Robert Winter “Reconfiguring Mozart”

11/4/05 Joan Didion “The Year of Magical Thinking”

10/21/05 Richard Schickel “Realities: Elia Kazan’s America”

9/30/05 Douglas McLennan, founder of ArtsJournal.com, “The Myth that was Mass Culture… (so now what?)”

9/23/05 Steve Wasserman “Reluctant Farewell: Six Theses on Los Angeles”

2004 – 2005

5/20/05 Michael Kinsley in conversation with Steve Wasserman

5/6/05 Joseph Horowitz, “Classical Music in America: A History of Its Rise and Fall”

4/15/05 Robert Alter, “Five Books of Moses: a Translation with Commentary,” and guided visit of Doheny Library’s exhibition of Jewish ritual objects with Ruth Weisberg.

4/2/05 Conference: “The Big Lie? News, Media, and the Fiction of Non-Fiction”

3/18/05 William Deverell, “Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles and the Remaking of Its Mexican Past”

3/4/05 Robert Brustein

2/18/05 Carolyn See, “Writing Violence”

2/04/05 Thomas Crow, “Artists and the Modern Museum”

1/21/05 John Wiener, “Historians in Trouble: Plagiarism, Fraud and Politics in the Ivory tower.”

9/24/04 Lawrence Weschler, “The Fiction of Non-Fiction”

12/16/04 Stephanie Barron, LACMA Tour, “Renoir to Matisse: The Eye of Duncan Phillips.”

12/3/04 Eric Lax, “The Mold in Dr. Florey’s Coat.”

11/19/04 Amy Wilentz, “The Walled Country: Yasir Arafat, Ariel Sharon, and the Future of Two States.”

11/5/04 Marty Kaplan, “A Post-Election Town Hall Meeting.”

10/22/04 Peter Bogdanovitch, “Who the Hell’s in it.”

10/15/04 Peter Sellars, Opera and Stage Director

2003 – 2004

5/21/04 Jack Miles, “Tea and Sympathy: Reflections on Homosexuality and Religion.”

5/7/04 Sarah Pillsbury

4/16/04 David Freeman, “Its All True.”

4/2 – 4/3/04 Conference: “Writing Los Angeles”

3/12/04 Peter Singer

3/5/04 Giuliana Bruno, “Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture and Film.”

2/20/04 Michael Heim, “The Pros and Cons of Retranslation: Chekhov and Mann.”

2/6/04 Robbie Conal, “Guerilla Art as Politics.”

1/16/04 Richard Schickel, “Do Movies Really Matter?”

12/19/03 M.G. Lord

12/12/03 Alan Wolfe, “The Transformation of American Religion”

12/5/03 Mark Salzman

11/21/03 Gil Garcetti, “Iron: Erecting the Walt Disney Concert Hall.”

11/7/03 K.C. Cole, “Mind Over Matter”

10/17/03 Bruce Wagner

10/3/03 Lou Cannon

9/18/03 Joan Didion

9/9/03 Jack Miles, “Tea and Sympathy: Reflections on Homosexuality and Religion.”

2002 – 2003

5/23/03 Pico Iyer, “California’s Cultural Dance with Islam.”

5/2/03 Leo Braudy, “’Unfortunately Very Timely,’ Writing in the Shadow of 9/11.”

4/28 – 4/29/03 Conference, “From Sunset Boulevard to Mulholland Drive: Los Angeles and the Cinematic Imagination.”

4/26/03 Tom Crow, “Gordon Matta-Clark: Drawing a Life Story.”

4/18/03 Gordon Davidson, “Nothing of Any Significance Exists West of the Hudson River.”

4/4/03 Neal Gabler and Marty Kaplan, “The State of the Media in LA and the World.”

3/21/03 Lynda Obst, “Zen and the Art of Hollywood.”

3/15/03 “Debate American Power and the Crisis Over Iraq”

3/7/03 Antonio Damasio, “Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain.”

2/24/03 Norman Mailer, “The Lion in Winter: Norman Mailer at 80.”

2/21/03 Norman Klein and Rosmary Comella, “Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles 1920-1986”

2/7/03 Joseph Horowitz, “Why Intellectuals are Estranged from Classical Music”

1/17/03 Joyce Appleby, “Coming to Terms with Thomas Jefferson”

12/6/02 Louis Banner, “Margaret Mead.”

11/15/02 John Walsh, “The Passions: New Work by video artist Bill Viola”

11/1/02 Doug Greenberg “Between Memory and History: The Shoah Foundation.”

10/25/02 Carol Muske Dukes, “A Poet in Hollywood.”

10/4/02 James Q. Wilson “Religion and Freedom: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.”

9/20/02 German/American Dialogue co-sponsored by Villa Aurora

2001 – 2002

5/17/02 T.C. Boyle, “Solo Performance.”

4/5 – 4/6/02 Conference “Los Angeles at the Millenium: The Quest for Identity and Community”

3/22/02 Richard Meyer, “Spirals of Censorship.”

3/1/02 Hunt and Jacobs, “Why Did Theory Die?”

2/15/02 Peter Nosco, “Are you a Confucian?”

2/11/02 David Rieff, “A Bed for the Night: A Crisis in Humanitarianism.”

2/1/02 Louise Steinman, “Discovering My Father’s War: A Posthumous Collaboration.”

1/18/02 Steven Sample, “The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership.”

12/7/01 Sandra Tsing Loh, “Talibans in the Home.”

11/16/01 Debora Silverman, “Van Gogh and Gauguin: Modernism and Religion.”

11/4/01 Thomas Hines, “The Other Hollywood: Modernist Design and the Los Angeles Film Community.”

11/2/01 Micheal Dear, “LA as Twenty-first Century Megacity”

10/19/01 Allen Kurzweil, “In Search of Los Time: Intrigue, Invention and the Hunt for a Stolen Pocket Watch”

10/5/01 Jared Diamond “Collapses of Ancient Civilizations and Their Lessons for Our Time”


5/18/01 Don Franzen “The Constitutional Crisis in Public Support of the Arts”

4/30/01 John Felstiner, “Still Songs to Sing.”

4/20/01 Margaret Wertheim, “Outside Science.”

3/16/01 Yxta Maya Murray, “The Conquest.”

3/2/01 Carla Kaplan, “Editing an Icon.”

2/16/01 Marc Cooper, “ The Pinochet Principle: The Globalization of Human Rights.”

2/2/01 Joan Abrahamson, “Creativity and Change.”

1/19/01 Jon Boorstin, “Becoming William James”

12/15/00 Kevin Starr, “Why do we do what we do?: The Role of the Public Intellectual in Southern California.”

12/1/00 Todd Boyd, “Basketball Jones: America Above the Rim.”

11/20 – 11/21/00 Frederick Wiseman, “Documenting America”

11/17/00 “Election Post-Mortem: Fellows’ free-for-all Discussion.”

11/3/00 Carol Wells, “O’er the Ramparts We Watched: 35 Years of LAPD Protest Posters.”

10/20/00 Steve Ross

10/6/00 D.J. Waldie, “A Wanderer in an Imperfect City”

9/22/00 Stephanie Barron, “The Making of ‘Made in California: Art, Image and Identity, 1900-2000”

1999 – 2000

5/19/00 Mona Simpson, “ Excerpt from My Hollywood, a Novel.”

5/5/00 Don Franzen, “The Constitutional Crisis in Public Support for the Arts”

5/1/00 Susan Sontag, “The Art of Fiction.”

4/21/00 Stephen Toulmin, “Blenheim vs. Versailles: Rival Dreams of Reason.”

4/7/00 Robert Winter, “Locating the Arts in a Digital World”

3/17/00 Eugen Weber, “Criminal Pursuits”

3/3/00 Richard Weinstein, “Los Angeles: The First American City”

2/18/00 Fred Dewey, “Cyberia: The New Totalism and Its Concept for the World”

2/4/00 Virginia postrel, “On the Verge: Exploring the Frontiers of Creative Encounter”

1/21/00 Steve Wasserman, “Is Serious Criticism Possible?”

12/3/99 Carol Muske-Dukes, “Paradise Lost: Fighting the Poetry Wars”

11/19/99 Nathan Gardels, “From Containment to Entertainment: Rise of the Media Industrial Complex”

11/5/99 Robert J. Lifton, “Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism”

10/15/99 Susan Kent, “Do Libraries Have a Future?”

10/1/99 Robert Sheer, “Life in the Lower Depths of Journalism: A Success Story”

9/17/99 Susan Faludi, “Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man”

1998 – 1999

5/21/99 Saul Friedländer, “Some New Directions in Historiography of the Holocaust.”

5/1/99 Peter Novik, “From History to Memory: The Holocaust in American Consciousness.”

4/2/99 Peter Alexander introduces Dave Hickey, “What Art Does.”

3/19/99 Michael Silverblatt, “The Looking Glass: Fantasies about Interviewing.”

3/5/99 Elizabeth Kaye, “Rudolf Nureyev: The Influence of Personality on Art.”

2/5/99 Benjamin Schwarz, “Why America Thinks It Has to Run the World.”

1/15/99 Arianna Huffington, “American Politics Today: Through the Looking Glass.”

12/18/98 Robert Israel, “Designing Paradise.”

12/4/98 Russ Rymer, “American Beach: A Saga of Race, Wealth, and Memory.”

11/20/98 Leo Braudy, “Eros and Mars: War and Masculinity.”

11/6/98 Russell Jacoby, “The End of Utopia.”

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