A multidisciplinary journal of development economics, Economic Development and Cultural Change publishes studies using modern theoretical and empirical approaches that examine both determinants and effects of various dimensions of economic development and cultural change.

The focus of EDCC is on publishing empirical, scientifically based studies that use appropriate data to test theoretical models and to explore policy impacts related to a broad range of topics within the field of economic development. EDCC is fundamentally interested in exploring what scientific evidence can tell us about policy issues related to economic development. EDCC publishes both papers with new insights as well as carefully executed replications that explore the robustness of results to different data, diverse model specifications, or ways of estimation.

EDCC seeks articles that address:

  • basic economic factors associated with development, including technological change, human resource investments, and economic incentives;
  • noneconomic factors and their interrelationships with economic factors in affecting development and being changed by development;
  • data quality-comparing the results of different methods to collect data and define variables for testing of behavior and for policy