Gustavo Gutiérrez:

Between Memory and Prophecy


Theological insights emerging from Latin America have left an indelible mark upon both Christianity and public policy.

On both fronts, Gustavo Gutiérrez’ work has been seminal.

In a lecture hosted by the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC, Leo Guardado, Ph.D., assessed the past fifty years of Gustavo Gutiérrez’ theological contributions, the global impact and reception of a commitment to doing theology from the perspective of the poor and insignificant, and the ongoing challenges liberation theology presents for a global Catholic Church.

Leo Guardado, Ph.D., is the inaugural DePaul Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC and an assistant professor in the Department of Theology at Fordham University.

Watch his lecture on the IACS YouTube Channel.


Gustavo Gutiérrez (left) and IACS DePaul Fellow Leo Guardado, Ph.D.


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