About the Lab

The Experimental Humanities Lab is a hub for critics, theorists, and practitioners in the arts and humanities who seek to take intellectual and creative risks and move beyond disciplinary boundaries and genres. Bringing together scholars whose research focuses upon experimental arts (literature, music, performance, film, and dance), as well as those who want to experiment with their own writing or creative practices, the Lab facilitates imaginative, indisciplined work.

Precarity in Film: Experimental Ecologies

Precarity in Film: Experimental Ecologies
Experimental and Alternative Film from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain

Women in Theory

Women in Theory is a collective of theorists and philosophers who identify as cis or trans women or as non-binary. While some focus on gender, queer, feminist, or trans theory, the majority works in areas that tend to be male dominated (deconstruction, Marxism, Black studies, Frankfurt School, psychoanalysis, political theory, classical philosophy, media theory, Latin American studies).

Experimental Film Archive Project

Narcisa Hirsch was a pioneering experimental filmmaker in Argentina who started working in the 1970s with delicate mediums such as Super8 and 16mm film. The Filmoteca Narcisa Hirsch, which was established to safeguard her films, is working with the USC Digital Repository, with funding from USC Dornsife and a USC Office of Research grant, to digitize and preserve Hirsch’s films for a new generation of filmmakers to learn from. These films will also be made available to USC students and researchers through the USC Digital Library.

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