Students seeking research experience may proceed as follows:

  • Explore Dornsife Compass for faculty seeking research assistants.
  • Additional websites to explore:
  • Request an appointment (during their office hours) to discuss securing a research position.
  • After a collaboration has been set between you and your faculty member, submit your SOAR/SURF/SHURE application to request funding. Note: not all research projects are eligible for funding. Please visit our dedicated web pages to learn more about SOAR and SURF/SHURE funding requirements and deadlines.

Dornsife faculty interested in posting their research should sign up as employers on Dornsife Compass.

Students & Faculty: Access Dornsife Compass Here


For Faculty

Dornsife faculty interested in posting their research should sign up as employers on Dornsife Compass.  Please add the following sentence in the position description:

If you are a Dornsife undergraduate student, you may able to apply for SOAR, SURF, or SHURE funding from USC Dornsife if you work with an eligible Dornsife faculty mentor on their research project.  Visit or for more information.

Please note that not all research projects are automatically eligible for SOAR and SURF funding. To be eligible for funding, the research must be a faculty-led project conducted through USC. Please do not recommend independent student projects or research that is not affiliated with USC. In addition, faculty mentors must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Tenured or Tenure-Track faculty within Dornsife
  2.  Non-Tenure Track faculty within Dornsife with a research profile
  3.  Professional School faculty member with a joint appointment in Dornsife

If you are RTPC faculty without a research profile, you are required to obtain Chair approval for your research to be considered eligible for SOAR and SURF funding.

If you have questions or issues with Dornsife Compass, please contact Caroline Fraissinet (


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