See what students have to say about the ExL Lab!

See what students have to say about the ExL Lab!

Transformation Series–Part I (Fall 2022)

The Transformative Power of Gratitude in Action

Gratitude is a powerful, motivating force for personal purpose and lifetime fulfillment. It is by its nature inclusive; Gratitude never divides or separates; it includes, supports, and unites. It is the reason why we seek to be good, why we seek to use our gifts to create a fulfilling life, and why we choose to share those gifts with others so they may do the same.

This series provided an immersive, experiential, five-week journey exploring Gratitude in motion and action. Through select readings, conversations with authors, chefs, and teachers, journaling, and shared experience, students learned to activate the immense power of Gratitude in their personal and professional life.

This shared experience culminates in students creating a project that speaks to the power of Gratitude in their life as a force for inspiration, transformation, and community.


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