Other Research Support Centers:


The Structural Biology Center @ Bridge

will provide you all the necessary means required for structure determination of your protein of interest, either soluble or membrane protein.
Here at SBC you have access to a world-class facility and highly trained experts to assist you for achieving your goal.

SBC Website


The Pancreatic β-Cell (PBC) Consortium

To understand β-cell biology and diabetes through a cross-disciplinary approach for the assembly of spatiotemporal multi-scale whole cell models of human pancreatic β-cells.

PBC Consortium Website 


The Agilent Center of Excellence (COE) in Biomolecular Characterization

The Agilent Center of Excellence (COE) was established as a genuine partnership between the University of Southern California (USC) and Agilent technologies, a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The goal of establishing this research facility is a convergence of researchers across science and engineering to work together on multidisciplinary approaches for the development of new drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Agilent COE Website