Anthropology majors take ten courses (40 units) in Anthropology including:

  • One introductory course in preparation for the major, either:

    • ANTH 201 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology, or
    • ANTH 263 Exploring Culture through Film
  • An introduction to a sub-field of Anthropology:

    • ANTH 101 Body, Mind and Healing: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
    • ANTH 105 Culture, Medicine and Politics
    • ANTH 202 Archaeology: Our Human Past
    • ANTH 203 Global Media
    • HBIO 200 The Human Animal
  • Five Anthropology electives (20 units), one of which should represent an area of world ethnography – involving study of a region, cultural or religious group, or diasporic or settled community. Courses offered in other departments can be applied toward this requirement, with departmental approval.

  • The following courses are required for all Anthropology Majors:

    • ANTH 440 History of Anthropological Theory
    • ANTH 410 Ethnographic Research Methods
    • ANTH 411 Thesis Seminar in Ethnographic Analysis