El Whittingham’s research focuses on queer communities in urban Senegal. They look broadly at networks of solidarity, community building and transnational queer activism in Senegal and within disaporic West African queer communites in Europe and the United States. They are currently interested in diasporic Sufi brotherhoods in the south of France and the role of Sufi religious leaders in these communities and in diasporic networks. Their research is also interested in the role of the griot in contemporary queer spaces and queer Sufi practice in the Francophone African Sahel. 

They are also a filmmaker and have worked extensively with filmmaker Rithy Panh in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their film Fendi (2023) is an intimate glimpse into the life of a drag performer and queer activist in Cambodia’s capital fighting for queer liberation during a time of social and economic rebuilding. 


  • BA , University Of Washington, 6/2016
  • BASC , University Of Washington
  • MA , University Of Washington