The 1260 infinity GPC MDS characterizes polymers and biomolecules to give accurate molecular weights, distributions, and structural detail regarding particle shape and size in solution.

This system with advanced size exclusion column chromatography allows for combination of detection by refractive index, UV detection, light scattering and viscometry. The system delivers accurate, absolute molecular weight and sizes, and can be used to analyze a wide range of biomolecules and polymers. Each detector is equipped with temperature control (30 to 60 °C) for high level of precision and reproducibility. The viscometer measures the intrinsic viscosity of the polymer and gives information regarding molecular size, polymer branching, and density as well as details of any aggregation. It performs low molecular weight analysis down to 100’s. Advanced light scattering detectors enable to determine accurate molecular weights and sizes. A low volume light scattering detector flow cell of just 10 µL gives reliable values for polydispersity and ultra-low dispersion in GPC/SEC.

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