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Undergraduate Programs

At USC Dornsife we have a variety of initiatives and programs that are geared to supporting a diverse undergraduate student population. We have developed specific programs in USC Dornsife aimed at promoting the integration of undergraduate students into the Dornsife family. Check out some of our programs below!

  • Career Pathways - Sophomore Seminar

    USC Dornsife is offering a 2unit Sophomore Seminar (SSEM 200) titled Pathways

    to Career Success for First Generation College Students in the Fall 2013 semester

    as part of a new Second Year Inquiry program. This course will Explore

    the connection between potential careers and academic programs in the

    liberal arts and sciences, particularly for first generation college students.

    Students will:

    • Create individualized student pathways to careers
    • Develop plans for internship
    • Examine intellectual interests, goals and skills development
    • Explore the world of work

    Students will develop plans for future internships, scholarships, coursework,

    and academic and extracurricular practices which will enhance ability to secure

    meaningful employment in desired fields upon graduation.

    First Generation Sophomores, rising Sophomores, and Juniors in USC

    Dornsife are encouraged to apply! 

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  • First Year Investigations Seminars

    First-Year Investigations Seminars help incoming students discover special opportunities for study, research, and civic engagement open to you as a student in the College. Vice Dean Sanchez has taught many first-year investigations seminars.

  • Japan Summer Immersion Program

    Japan Summer Immersion Program increases global awareness among Norman Topping Student Aid Fund scholars and promotes study abroad for first-generation students. Every two years Vice Dean Sanchez, along with Topping Director Christina Yokoyama, takes thirteen undergraduate students to sites in Los Angeles and Japan to illustrate the cultural, social, political, and economic exchanges.

    1. 2012 
    2. 2010 
  • Trojan Guardians Scholars Program

    Trojans Guardian Scholars Program is committed to supporting ambitious, college-bound students exiting the foster care system. Our goal is to assist students in their goal of attaining a bachelor’s degree, career development, and self-sufficiency. We provide a comprehensive program that contributes to the quality and depth of the student’s university experience. Some of the support and services we provide include: financial aid assistance and counseling; potential year-round on-campus housing; supplemental academic and professional mentoring; referrals to appropriate on campus resources; health and counseling services; admission and enrollment assistance; and student programming, including cohort events and holiday dinners.