MA in Econ Development

Master of Arts in Economics Development Programming

Similar in structure to our regular M.A. in Economics, MAEDP offers students advanced training in the basic tools of development programming and their application to practical problems of developing countries. The total unit requirement for this program is 32-48 units. This means that students in this program can graduate with a minimum of 32 units, however, most of the 32 units will be required course work. Students can take up to 48 units in the program which will allow you to take more development economics elective courses.

Program Requirements

This degree program is designed to provide advanced training in the basic tools of development programming and their application to practical problems of developing countries. The program is structured to enable well-prepared students entering in May to finish the following summer. Requirements include the following courses in economics:

Required Courses

ECON 401  Mathematical Methods in Economics 4

ECON 500  Microeconomic Analysis and Policy, or 

ECON 601  Microeconomic Theory I 4

ECON 501  Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy, or 

ECON 602  Macroeconomic Theory I 4

ECON 502 Mathematical Methods in Dynamic Economics, or 

ECON 607 Topics in Dynamic Optimization, or 

ECON 615  Applied Econometrics 4

ECON 609  Econometric Methods 4

ECON 513 Practice of Econometrics 4

ECON 523  Economic History and Development, or 

ECON 537 Contracts, Organizations, and Institutions, or 

ECON 541 Economic Development, or 

ECON 634 Political Economy of Institutions, or 

ECON 644 Economic Development Programming and Policy Planning 4

ECON 650 International Trade Theory, or 

ECON 651 International Monetary Theory 4

ECON 590 Directed Research, or 

ECON 692 Seminar in Economic Development 2–8

In addition, a total of three courses in one of several designated options in economics, international relations, law, urban planning and development, demography, or business administration is required. In certain cases units can be granted for internship work. The total unit requirements are 32–48, including a comprehensive examination or a thesis.

For a detailed description of the program and its requirements see Master of Arts in Economic Developmental Programming, available from the Department of Economics faculty adviser.

  • No more than two 400-level electives can be applied to the degree. 
  • No more than 4 units of ECON 590 can be applied to the degree. 
  • Students can also take a class outside of the department with permission from a faculty member of academic advisor.

A comprehensive examination is held at the end of the first year in May.

Application Instructions

All applicants must apply through the USC online application system located at We do not accept paper applications. The online application requires:

  • Statement of purpose. This is typically two pages in length, double spaced, and about your interest in Economics
  • GRE scores. We like to see applicants with at least 150 on the verbal section and 151 on the quantitative section. We do not accept the GMAT. Our ETS department code is 1801 and USC (school code) is 4852.
  • Transcripts. USC must receive sealed and official transcripts from your respective university. They must be sent directly to USC Graduate Admissions, not to the Department of Economics. The address can be found when you begin the online application. If you are an international applicant, you must provide transcripts in English and original language.
  • TOEFL/IELTS. All international students are required to submit a valid TOEFL exam (only 2 years old) or IELTS unless you received an undergraduate degree from an English speaking school. International students can be exempt from taking language classes at USC if you have a combined score of 100 on the TOEFL with at least a score of 20 on each section. If you do not have a combined score of 100, or if you have below 20 on any section, you will have to take the ISE exam when you get to USC.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation. (Can be uploaded through the online application system).