Biological Sciences at USC Dornsife

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training programs. Home to a vibrant community of life scientists, the department’s research spans the scales of biological organization from molecules and cells to organisms, populations, species, and communities. An emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research gives faculty and students opportunities to investigate a diverse array of living systems using a wide variety of research approaches and tools including X-ray crystallography, molecular assays, and computational genomic analyses to advanced microscopy, electrophysiology, and field research in Antarctica, Africa, and the Pacific Ocean.

Jed Fuhrman

Jed Fuhrman will receive the 2016 Associates Award for Excellence for Creativity in Research and Scholarship.

Susan Forsburg

Susan Forsburg will receive 2016 Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Jed Fuhrman, Douglas Capone and David Hutchins

Jed Fuhrman, David Hutchins and Doug Capone were named ASLO Fellows

Douglas Capone

Doug Capone has been named a 2015 Raubenheimer awardee. This is the College's highest award.

Irene Chiolo

Irene Chiolo to receive a Mallinckrodt Foundation Grant

Kelvin Davies

Kelvin Davies was elected as a Fellow of The Academy of Europe

Larry Swanson

Larry Swanson elected next Secretary-General of International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)

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Biological Sciences Department Chair: Doug Capone

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