A view inside a quantum computing facility featuring big white machines and a wall of glass
The powerful computational system of IBM’s quantum computers could help manage complex calculations that may soon be too difficult for computers that use traditional silicon processors. (Photo/Connie Zhou for IBM)

IBM agreement boosts USC’s quantum computing leadership

The collaboration with IBM — part of USC President Carol Folt’s Frontiers of Computing “moonshot” — establishes USC’s IBM Quantum Innovation Center and propels USC researchers and students toward new discoveries.
ByEmily Gersema

USC has a new agreement with IBM that boosts quantum research by scientists and students and will reinforce the university’s status as a leader in quantum research and a top trainer of the nation’s tech workforce.

“Our new partnership with IBM to expand quantum computing at USC will boost research and innovation in this field and marks a major milestone for our Frontiers of Computing initiative,” USC President Carol Folt said. “By opening the first IBM Quantum Innovation Center on the West Coast, USC is inviting top researchers and game-changers in industry to join us in shaping the future of quantum computing.”

The agreement also accelerates the university’s efforts to achieve the research and education objectives of Folt’s Frontiers of Computing “moonshot,” a more than $1 billion initiative that supports ethical advancement in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and quantum computing.

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