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44780 Missillac Bretagne

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Missillac is a small town relatively near the well known summer resort of La Baule on the Bay of Biscay. It is only a few kilometers from Pontchâteau on the main highway N-165 between Nantes and Vannes. You can reach Missillac by train, plane or automobile, as follows.

By Train: Take the train (TGV) from Charles de Gaulle Airport or the Gare Montparnasse in Paris to St Nazaire or Pontchâteau (a bit nearer the Château) – about 2 1⁄2 hours from Paris – and then by taxi or rental car to the Château. You can also take the train from London via the Chunnel to Calais where you can rent a car to travel on to the Château – about 3 hours by automobile from Calais to the Château.

By Plane: There are flights from Paris, Geneva, Milan and other European cities to Nantes. However, check the schedules to be sure. There are also flights from London to both St Nazaire or Nantes. Take a taxi or rental car to the Château.

By Automobile: From Paris take Autoroute A-10 via Chartres to Le Mans; the A-11 from le Mans to Nantes via Anger – these are péages (toll roads), fast and not expensive – and finally N-165 from Nantes to Missillac, just a few kilometers beyond Pontchâteau. (N-165 is the major route between Nantes and Vannes). It takes about four hours by automobile from Paris to Missillac. If you are coming via London by car, you can put your car on the train from London via the Chunnel to Calais, or on a ferry from England to Calais or other French ports, even to St Nazaire at the mouth of the Loire River, about 1⁄2 hour by car from the Château. Make reservations in advance.

Participants staying at the Hôtel de la Bretesche or Cottages

The Hôtel de la Bretesche is located about one hundred meters, on the left, after passing through the main entrance – not the Golf entrance – into the Domain de la Bretesche. Keys for the cottages are available at the front desk of the hotel.