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The Social Behavior Lab was established at USC in 2010, by Dr. Wendy Wood. It is a shared lab facility in the Department of Psychology, headed by Lab Director, Dr. Leor Hackel, Assistant Professor of Psychology. The Lab is designed to facilitate student and faculty research in social psychology and related fields. Over 30 researchers use the lab to collect survey data, pilot research procedures, teach research classes, conduct behavioral science experiments, and train research assistants. The lab is available for use to anyone on the USC campus, with approval from the Lab Manager, Rose Basile. Lab procedures and policies are set by the Lab Director, Dr. Hackel.

Online Scheduling

If you are interested in reserving our lab rooms, visit the Online Scheduling tab. If you need to cancel or reschedule a lab reservation, first make sure you inform your RAs and Participants of the change, then email the Lab Coordinator with the dates and rooms that will no longer need to be reserved.

Room Descriptions

There are individual testing rooms, large group rooms, a computer lab, psychophysiology labs, and a conference/seminar room.  For a more detailed description of software and equipment, click on the Room Descriptions tab.

Faculty Research

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Research Assistant, take a look at what research is going on in the lab by clicking on the Faculty Research.

Featured Faculty

Get a sneak peek of our distinguished Social Behavior Lab faculty members! If you want more information about a particular faculty’s work visit the Faculty Research tab.

Dr. Leor Hackel

Meet the Social Behavior Lab Director! He is responsible for overseeing the operations and management of the laboratory. He also an Assistant Professor of Psychology at USC and PI of the USC Social Learning & Choice Lab.

Dr. Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood is a Provost Professor of Psychology and Business. Her research mainly addresses how we form and change our habits, along with the ways we explain habitual behaviors. She has also successfully publish Good Habits, Bad Habits (2019).

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