• On November 26th, 2019 Scott gave the annual Arthur Pap Lecture to the Institute for the Vienna Circle in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Vienna.

    On November 29th, 2019 Scott gave the keynote address to an international philosophy conference sponsored by the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Science in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    From December 4 – 22, 2019 Scott gave 10 lectures in China at Sun Yat-sen University, Shanxi University, Shandong University, and East China Normal University.

  • From May 18 – 22, 2020 Scott lectured at and participated in the 5th Annual Originalism Summer Seminar and “Boot Camp” on the Theory and Practice of Originalism at the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC.

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  • “This is a fantastic book, very possibly one of the most important in many years. It is a paean to the philosophical enterprise that also brings precise philosophical thought to bear on the enduring questions of human existence. Few people, other than Scott Soames, could have written such a book.”–Hans Halvorson, Princeton University

    “A unique and very valuable book. As Soames shows, without philosophy our world would be utterly different.”–Alex Byrne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    “Philosophy is everywhere, so much so that we don’t always notice it, or how it affects us. Scott Soames makes a powerful case that philosophy has not devolved into abstractions suited only for the ivory tower. Rather, it continues to vibrantly and crucially interact with our intellectual concerns and our everyday lives. This is the story of philosophy that needed to be told.”–Sean Carroll, author of The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself


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