Thieo Hogen Esch

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Research & Practice Areas

Living anionic and radical polymerization of vinyl and other monomers. Synthesis of well defined macrocyclic and block copolymers. Synthesis and self-assembly mediated properties of perfluorocarbon containing polymers.


  • Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Leiden, Netherlands, 1/1967
  • M.S. Polymer Chemistry, University of Leiden, Netherlands, 5/1961
  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Leiden, Netherlands, 2/1958
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    The synthesis of light emitting macrocyclic- and other polymers and copolymers. The synthesis and properties of self-assembled polymers containing perfluorocarbon groups.

    Research Keywords

    light emitting polymers and copolymers; synthesis and properties of water-soluble associating copolymers; synthesis and self-assembly of perfluorocarbon functionalized polymers.

  • Journal Article

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