Steve Posner

Adjunct Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Writing
Email Office JEF 225B


  • M.Ed Education, Harvard University, 2002
  • M.P.W. Professional Writing, University of Southern California, 1984
  • Visiting and Temporary Appointments

    • Visiting Scholar, University of Southern Califoria, 2021-2022

    Other Employment

    • Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, 2002-2023
    • Teaching Faculty, University of Southern California, 1982-1984
  • Contracts and Grants Awarded

    • Teaching for Technology: Continuity in Crisis, USC Center for Scholarly Technology, (), Steve Posner $5,000, 2011-2012
    • Teaching forTechnology: Continuity in Crisis, USC Center for Scholarly Technology, (), Steve Posner $10,000, 2010-2011
  • Book

    • Posner, S. (2013). Billy Graham & Me. Simon & Schuster.
    • Posner, S. (2008). Spiritual Delights and Delusions. John Wiley & Sons.
    • Posner, S. (1997). The Big Book of Big Little Books. Chronicle Books.
    • Posner, S. (1987). Israel Undercover: Secret Warfare and Hidden Diplomacy in the Middle East. Syracuse University Press.
    • Posner, S. (1981). In Front of the Camera. E.P. Dutton.

    Book Chapters

    • Posner, S. (1996). What Would Jefferson Say? Participation in Government: Making a Difference. Copley Publishing.

    Magazine/Trade Publication

    • Posner, S.College Students Struggling to Identify News Fakery. Medium.
    • Posner, S.The Purple State Preacher. National Review.
    • Posner, S.The Judge Happens to be Spanish, the Candidate Claims to be White. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Carly: Before There Was Ted, There Was Vladimir. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Why Do Liberals Love Billy Graham?. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Obama: Hope Amid the Hopeless. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Meditation, Enlightenment, and Haiti. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Ode to Gaza. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Why Are Israeli Spies Defending An Arab President?. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Shall We Abandon the Audacity of Hope?. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Israel’s Exchange and Obama’s Enemies. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Obama’s Faith-Based Program for Muslims. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Obama the Zionist Journeys to Palestine. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Obama, Patriotism, and Enlightenment. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.The China Question: To Beg or to Blog?. The Huffington Post.
    • Posner, S.Hiding Behind Bush: It’s Time to Face the Real Enemy. Huffington Post.


    • Posner, S. (2005). Equal Time for European Conspirators. The Washington Examiner.
    • Posner, S. (1999). King Hussein’s Secret Legacy. The Arizona Republic.
    • Posner, S. (1999). Israel Is Not Alone In Search For Peace. North County Times.
    • Posner, S. (1999). U.S. Shares Bloody Legacy With Israel’s New Foreign Minister. North County Times.
    • Posner, S. (1998). The Spy At Wye. The Washington Post.
    • Posner, S. (1998). Primakov’s Anatomy. The Arizona Republic.
    • Posner, S. (1998). The CIA’s Relationship With The PLO. The Boston Globe.
    • Posner, S. (1998). The CIA Tries Open Diplomacy. The International Herald Tribune.
    • Posner, S. (1992). U.S. Alliances Can Earn Horrendous Dividends In Middle East. Times Advocate.
    • Posner, S. (1992). Begin’s Secret Tip To Sadat Paved Way To Peace Accord. Times Advocate.


    • Posner, S. (2011). Teaching with Technology. Teaching with Technology.
    • Posner, S. (2011). Course Continuity in a Crisis. Course Continuity in a Crisis.

    Broadcast Media

    • Posner, S. (1997).Night Talk.
    • Posner, S. (1991).Today Show.
    • Posner, S. (1991).Inside San Diego.
    • Posner, S. (1981).Beyond the Universe.
    • Posner, S. (1980).Psi Factor.
    • Posner, S. (1979).The Merv Griffin Show.

    Study Guide

    • Posner, S. (2001). iAmericanSpirit.
    • Posner, S. (1999). Hi-Tech Living ESL.
    • Posner, S. (1998). At the Cutting Edge.
    • Posner, S. (1995). Nixon.
    • Posner, S. (1994). Technology.
    • Posner, S. (1993). Fast Times ESL.
    • Posner, S. (1992). Malcolm X.
    • Posner, S. (1984). Fast Times.
    • Posner, S. (1978). Performance.
    • Advanced Writing for International Relations & Global Economics, Writing Program, 2010-2011
    • Managing Media: Publishing an Online Journal, Marshall School of Business, 2004-2005
    • Best Practices, Writing Program, 2017-2018
    • Outstanding Merit, Writing Program, 2010/08/23-2015/05/13
  • Other Advisement or Time Devoted to Students

      Advisor, Lighthouse Magazine
      Editor, The Impaired Visions of Hispanic Rural America, The Huffington Post
      Advisor, Mental Health First Aid Peer Counselors, Engeman Student Health Center
      Editor, U.S. Self-Perception and Foreign Policy, Research on Security and Transnational Governance, Madrid
      Editor, B.C.’s Young Athletes Need Protection from Abusive Coaches, Vancouver Sun
      Editor, Don’t Free Willy: The Case for Captive Orcas, Undergraduate Writers Conference
      Contributor, Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse: The Biggest Lesson, Twofold Magazine
      Guest, Norman Topping Student Aid Fund
      Presentation, Arguing Your Way to Spiritual Enlightenment, Philosophy Club
      Judge, MBA Case Competition, Marshall School of Business
      Interview, Attachment And, documentary film
      Faculty Participant, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
  • Committees

    • Student Mental Health, Writing Program, 2016-2017
    • Mentoring Committee, Writing Program, 2012-2017

    Other Service to the University

    • Member, Trojan Football Faculty, 2015-2016
    • Developer, Online Writing Center, The Writing Program, 2012-2013
  • Media, Alumni, and Community Relations

    • News Assignments for College Voters: “Democracy & the News” (,