Matteo Barbiero

Dornsife Fellow in General Education


I am a PhD candidate in the Classics Ph.D. program.

My graduate studies have centered on the archaic and classical periods in ancient Greece, focusing both on literature and thought (poetry, philosophy, and tragedy), and socio-political issues.

My dissertation project focuses on Sophoclean tragedy and its engagement with space,  wherein I aim to look at the relationship between the space of theatrical performance, the evocation of meaning through performance in space, and the collective engagement with space in the context of the fifth-century Athenian polis, with a particular attention towards the theme of “displacement”.


  • M.A. Classics, University of Southern California, 2019
  • B.A. Humanities, Soka University Of America, 2017
  • Other Employment

    • Teaching Assistant, USC, 2019-2020
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